1/4 Scale
Future Products
R&D Stage 1: Outlaw Pro Stock hood, will be available in
carbon fiber, email us if you'd like more info or be put on
the contact list for production dates.
Current Products
All 4130 chromoly front axle. All TIG welded
construction. Easy caster adjustment. Has more
rigidity verses aluminum component axles. Will
bolt in ours, WCM and other chassis.                
Billet aluminum filler
neck clamp. Tab mount
style shown. Neck to
3/8" chassis available
Our Race program carbon fiber wings in progress.
Check back often to see more upcoming products.
Coming soon, rod end support spacers. Pictures  of
our heavy duty clutch mount throttle servo bracket,
Camber caster gauges. Carbon fiber clutch cover for
sprint car side panels
Here is our toe and
wheelbase gauge. Fully
adjustable for Sprints or
bodied cars. Strong rigid
aluminum construction.  
Here is what we consider the
finest 1/4 scale shock on the
market. Drop  Frankie a email  
dynoshox@yahoo.com to check
availability and pricing. Click pic
to get email link directly.
Please mention to Frankie you saw
his shocks on our site so that both we
and Frankie have the tools to make
our advertising work for you, our
customer. Thank you
Email us form our contact us page if you have any
questions about any of our products.
For powder coated
front axle just click
on this buy now
button.  It is $20.00
per axle.  
For a powder
coated frame click
on this buy now
button.  It is $60.00
per fram